How to contribute

​ Documents are located in /docs/content. ​

Main menu

This encompasses all documents in the MLReef Documentation and is auto-generated following the next guidelines: ​

Document name

This is the name shown in the menu. The main title or h1 if exists will be indexed as the document name, otherwise the file name will be used instead. ​

Folder root document

If a document called is found in the directory, then it will be displayed when the folder name is clicked, otherwise folder name won't be clickable. ​

Folder name

Documents can be grouped in a file system directory and shown in the menu as a dropdown. If a is found then its h1 title will become the folder name, otherwise it will take directory name. ​

Document order

Documents can be shown in a particular order by adding a numeral at the beginning of file name e.g. ​

Content menu

This is related to the current document and is auto-generated from the headings following the corresponding hierarchy h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6. ​

Internal links

It is possible to include internal links that will make the menu item clickable. For adding an internal link to a title a link tag with a name attribute must be added. This tag will be invisible, e.g.:

### <a name="processing_data"></a> Processing data

Also is possible to navigate to this internal link from anywhere using the hash tag url route, e.g.: ​

<a href="#processing_data">Check the Processing Data Page</a>


[Check the Processing Data Page](#processing_data)